Rachel John has quickly become one of the hottest designers today. Rachel utilizes leading edge technology, along with one of the best artistic eyes in the industry to help clients achieve their dream home from digital conception to completion.



Rachel’s home design services begin with an individualized consultation, followed by a digital 3D rendering that allows the homeowner to experience the design prior to the start of construction. Rachel continues to work with the homeowner throughout the construction process, including assisting in picking fixtures and finishes and making any changes as needed.

Dream: Elegance at home


This homeowner wanted to come home to an elegant yet comfortable space. After an initial consultation, Rachel created the following digital renderings.


Screenshot_00 3.jpg
Screenshot_00 5.jpg

Reality: Elegance at home


“Rachel was able to help us achieve what I thought was impossible; an elegant look with a comfortable feel on a budget we could afford. I can’t thank Rachel enough for helping our dream become reality.” - Adam J.


IMG_2556 2.JPG

Customized Fine Art


Rachel is a world class artist that can create custom art for your home. From portraits and landscapes, to anything that you can imagine, Rachel can help your dreams become reality